Premium Display Case

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Product Description

This four-paneled case unfolds so that every label can face forward from each molded foam basin, elegantly displaying your collection. When compacted, it becomes a sleek over-the-shoulder bag.

Features include:
?Room to store 140 essential oil bottles (124 5-ml bottles, including 6 spaces for 5-ml bottles with child-resistant caps, 13 15-ml bottles, and 3 10-ml roll-on bottles)
?Hard-side exterior case, ideal for carrying oils on the go
?Foam compartment dividers that hold the bottles snugly in place
?Compartment inserts give extra protection against bumps and jostling
?Waterproof zipper buffers interior from the elements and keeps spills contained
?Soft shoulder strap frees up your hands and makes carrying a breeze
?Can be used as a standing, fully functioning display case that?s perfect for sharing oils with others

Additional information

Weight 400 oz


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